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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step


Who We Are


Established in 1987, Gulf Orchid is a family owned business that has grown from its humble origin to become one of the most renowned and leading companies in the cosmetics and beauty industry, manufacturing private labels for many commercial brands proving itself strongly in the international market in a short period of time.






















Gulf Orchid has multiple factories over the Middle East and its products can be found in several countries including UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Morocco among others. The company is very proud of the great feedback we receive from our agents and customers coupled with acquiring various certificates of quality and appreciation, including the ISO certificate, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the British Health Certification among others.

Nevertheless, Gulf Orchid always looks forward and the company has a very ambitious plan for the future, introducing a wide range of new products for all beauty segments that will surprise our loyal clients and keep the Gulf Orchid family growing, including skincare and a huge collection of make-up products combined with its tools and accessories.

The company has taken huge steps in terms of R&D and has gone through many phases of expansion to reach the current bright status in the market. Nowadays, Gulf Orchid is considered one of the leading companies valuing R&D and prioritising product testing in order to ensure the highest quality possible.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"













Our journey has already involved many steps towards achieving success and capturing excellent value. We will always work hard to satisfy our clients and agents paying attention to all the details in order to thrive, grow and prosper.



Private Label

Turning our customers’ vision into a reality is never an easy task. However our process ensures a satisfactory output that reflects the customer’s desires.

From the start of the process, we work closely with our customers to get a clear picture of their vision and ideas to begin the design of the product. Our dedicated team will take care of all aspects of the product, from the product formulation to the design of the packaging. Each of these aspects are adjusted until they meet the customer’s expectations and are signed off. Once the customer is happy with the product specifications, we take care of the manufacturing process to deliver a product of the highest possible quality.

Our process is tailored to all budgets and hassle free for our customers. At the end of the process, the final outcome is always the same: a bespoke product for a delighted client.



First Meeting

Our dedicated team will approach you to set up a meeting with you that will serve as the first contact. During this meeting, you can share your idea and vision with us and discuss with our team about products, designs, marketing and budget. This will be the first of several meetings on a journey to fulfill your vision. However, it is not possible to specify how long this journey would take as we do not rush the process at the expense of quality and excellence.



Products Design

With your vision always in mind, we will start designing your product. During this phase, you will be presented with several samples that will be adjusted based on your feedback. Only when you are happy with the quality of the samples, the product will be signed off and prepared for production.



Packaging Design

The outside of a product is as important as the inside. Collaborating with our design team, you will decide the size, patterns, colours, and materials to be used on the packaging to create the perfect look and feel of your product.



Final Product

When you are happy with the product and its packaging, both come together to form the final product. In this phase, your final product is produced in our factories according to your specifications and under our quality control system.



Quality Testing

As part of our quality control system, random samples are taken from each batch of the final product. These samples are thoroughly tested to ensure the final product is of the desired quality and the batch can be approved.




Finally, the product is ready for distribution and it is stored in our warehouses until it is delivered to you at your convenience. We will deliver your product to your own warehouse or store in the quantities and time that you desire.

Why Choose Us

What makes our company unique and special are the meticulous material selection, design and assembly process and product testing. We prioritise manufacturing high quality products over having a big profit, as we believe that the biggest gains are a quality product and customer trust and love which continue to grow over time.

Our strength comes from a dedicated quality control system implemented through the whole manufacturing process, from design to production. This quality control system is under the supervision of highly qualified and trained specialists, and ensures that production is efficient across all production lines with quality always as the top priority. In addition, our products are constantly reviewed to implement any possible improvements which enables us to stay ahead of our competitors and keep the standards high.

Every year we attend international fairs and exhibitions specializing in the cosmetic industry to be familiar with the latest trends in designs, materials, manufacturing, equipment and techniques in cosmetics production as well as cooperating with international companies in a mutually beneficial relationship to swap competencies.

Our Suppliers

Choosing the right suppliers is critical to obtain excellent raw materials and deliver a product of the highest quality. At Gulf Orchid we only work with carefully selected suppliers that share our values and quality oriented vision. Therefore, our suppliers are considered valued members of the Gulf Orchid family with whom we establish and maintain strong relationships. We work closely with them in order to ensure that quality always meet our standards and excellence is always delivered.

Our Clients

These are some of our clients.

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